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The Netherlands


The world’s largest fully automated climate neutral smart farm is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our headquarter and the SMARTKAS smart farm is located at Fokker Logistics Park, the largest airport-linked, privately owned logistics business park in Europe.

The 6,000 sq. m. floor area comes with 10 levels of elevation up to 12 meters in height, consisting of large climate cells. Our smart farm comes with robotics, cloud computing, AI, dynamic led lighting, indoor precision farming and yield precision systems and solar powered energy supply through 2,000 solar panels.

The climate neutral smart farm premium quality production line will be entirely pesticide and GMO-free, and we will have no personnel for growing, only for maintaining and managing the units. The entire production line operates in a hermetically closed environment, where CO2 levels and water can be managed. CO2 and water management is an important part when it comes to sustainability, because we aim to be the world's first NetZero Supply chain, and a forerunner in smart agriculture.

United Kingdom


Our 27,000 sq. m. (300,000 sq. ft.) smart farm in Harlow is the United Kingdom’s largest vertical farm. With 12 nutrient-film-technology (NFT) layers, the smart farm supports retailers throughout the year without the need to rely on international markets for high quality, pesticide free strawberries.
The smart farm has partnered with BerryWorld, a leading soft fruit specialist to grow its strawberry variety.  Over the last 12-months SMARTKAS has trialed the variety at its R&D site in the Netherlands to ensure consistent quality, taste and flavor. 
Our UK operations are located at Harlow Innovation Park, a new progressive sci-tech community, which forms part of the city’s Enterprise Zone, a new destination for science, technology, research and innovation. 
Supported by the local government, Harlow Innovation Park was carefully selected as a location due to its close proximity to offtakers and retailers’ RDC’s (Regional Distribution Centers). The park is also one of the only business parks with a large enough solar panel facility, enabling SMARTKAS to utilize 800KvA to ensure the smooth running of the one-of-a-kind facility.



The SMARTKAS Central Eastern European Headquarters is located in Hungary, Budapest. Situated in Hungary’s greenest commercial development, the 750 sq. m. Research and Development laboratory (R&D lab) is home to 12 engineers, researchers, scientists and experts in artificial intelligence. 

Innovation in robotics and AI is core to SMARTKAS’ growing ambitions as well as our commitment to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. With this in mind, the R&D lab is currently developing four new unique and proprietary products for SMARTKAS. The collaboration with innovative high-tech solutions will ensure we are able to provide food security as a service.



Our smart greenhouse facility in São João del-Rei, state of Minas Gerais, southeast region of Brazil, will be built on 65 hectares of land. The greenhouses will yield up to 10,000 tonnes of premium fruit and vegetables annually. Set to begin construction in 2023, the smart greenhouses will use a fully sustainable, clean and green agricultural process that relies on renewable sources for energy and water to produce a variety of fruit and vegetables without pesticides.

The project demonstrates our ability to produce a large quality of fruit and vegetables without the need for deforestation.

It will further support Brazil’s food security concerns by donating 5-10% of its crops to local food banks and create up to 300 direct and 2000 indirect jobs for the local community.

SMARTKAS is currently exploring several prominent collaborations in partnership with Brazil’s municipal, state and federal authorities. A drone surveillance program will protect the Amazon rainforest and modernize the country’s food distribution systems.